Office Delivery of Orders

Why You May Want To Opt For Office Delivery

We live in fast paced times. To meet up with the demands of work and home is often a challenge as both compete for attention concurrently. How do you manage to do all those files on your table in the office and be right on time for lunch or groceries for the home? You do probable not be able to make it to Wuse market or any of the local markets in Abuja for that matter at close of work. The traffice seems to get pretty intense at such hours. Why go through such long routine anyways when you could conveniently order for all the groceries you want while doing your job in the office, we deliver to you in the office and you drive home in style at close of work and use the time we saved you to for leisure, zero stress? talk about multi-tasking, this is it. You practically killed 2 stones with 1 Bird :( kidding, two Birds with one stone i meant. That is where Belle drops in to savage the situation, except that your lunch and/or your groceries will come to you. You don't have to step an inch if you don't want to. We can assure you that the distance between you, your hot meals/home supplies is just as little as the gap between your fingers and your phone's screen. Yes! we are just a few key strokes away. Don't take our word for it just yet. Challenge us by placing an Order for your choice meals/fresh groceries from any of your favourite restaurants/local markets through our portal and watch us make it happen.

Mode Of Delivery

We strive to deliver your items to your office within 59 minutes and at the same competitive rate as home deliveries. However, we advise that you put your staff on notice, particularly the personnels manning the security posts, about your delivery. If on getting to your office and our delivery officers are denied entrance by your organisation, we shall charge the fee for the failed delivery against your account and you shall be entitled to no refund from We may however renegotiate a new terms of delivery with you at extra cost to be borne by you.